ARM Electric Service is an Electrical Contracting company founded by Andrew (Andy) McGeever for the primary purpose of providing professional assistance and 'old-fashioned quality' to commercial, residential and industrial customers.

Today's economy is in a state of constant change, as the consumer faces the challenge of locating the best possilbe workmanship a the best price.  Increased competition, rising costs, limited contracts and diminishing quality level require a consumer to be more selective.

Andy is a 'hands-on' owner and thoroughly enjoys his work, he could pass off many of his electrical jobs to his employees but even after 35 years in the business, he still loves the work and loves the challange. He is proud of every job he does and it shows in the outstanding quality of his work.

If you are looking for a job "Done Right-Right From The Start", ARM is perfect for your needs.  Andy has 35 years of experience in, commercial, industrial and residential electrical set-up, design and wiring.  If you have a problem that "can't be fixed" he is the best 'trouble-shooter' out there and can most likely find a sollution to any electrical problem! Whether working alone or with his team of competent electricians, he oversees each job from start to finish, making sure that it not only meets the electric code but that it meets his high standard of excellence.
Let us ARM you
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Highest Quality
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